The upheavals of the art

Art as a whole has undergone many upheavals during the 20th and 21st centuries. At first, art was fairly standard and figurative, trying to represent existing objects and figures in reality just as they are. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a new style trend began to rise – the Cubist painting, which "breaks" the rules of previous periods.

The inspiration for this change were the great revolutions: the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution, which "turned the tables" and caused a tremendous tremble in the world of art.

Picasso, which was one of the greatest artists in the world, also began to paint figurative art and then proceeded to painting art that is full of shapes and colors, which do not represent the reality. In that time, artists began to paint in an abstract form and sometimes even "boring" shapes that represent only themselves, such as a black square drawing, which simply represents a black square, and has no other hidden meanings.

Today, abstract paintings, which do not represent the reality, are considered an accepted art, but in the past, it was considered a big provocation.

In general, it is important to understand that art is considered a work that requires a certain level of understanding- just as the painter thought and imagined while painting it. In other words, an attempt to interpret the painting with my eyes misses its purpose, and we must interpret the painting only through the eyes of the artist. In addition, there are many who argue that painting is a kind of art that causes the artist to follow the inner logic of the painting (object) and actually devote himself to the object. This is a very interesting idea, which illuminates the way we imagine artists and art in general. In day to day life, humans control many elements in nature, and so the idea that in art humans allow themselves to surrender to the object and relinquish control over it is contradictory and fascinating.

The Upheavals of Art Consumption

Major changes occurred not only in the production of art itself, but also in the way art is viewed and purchased. In the past, the purchase of art was mainly done in the framework of exhibitions, museums, etc. Nowadays, you can buy art online easily over the Internet.

Online purchasing of art enables many people of different socio-economic classes to purchase and enjoy a beautiful and inspiring piece of art that can be placed anywhere in the house. It is also possible to view many works of art in just a few clicks, and it is possible to compare more easily between the wide varieties of art works. The possibility of buying art through the Internet also allows artists from around the world to sell their art easily, to expose their works in social media channels, and to gain a great deal of exposure in comparison to the old days.

We encourage you to invest and wander through a variety of art sites on the Internet and to find the art that best fits your home, your office and you of course. Remember that inspiration and the motivation to imagine are priceless.