I was watching a religious TV program about the letter א (Alef) and that the bible is beginning with a ב (Beit) because א was אל (god) and that god wasn't only in the beginning but all over.
My personal theory is that because of the fact that the א (Alef) is a proto-canaanite letter which was called ALOUF and was the bull symbol of a pagan god. Genesis, the first monotheist book could not begin with a pagan symbol letter. 
All over the globe the ox, bull, cow and calf were gods. In prehistoric times there are bulls in Lascaux caves ( France) Altamira caves ( Spain) in Egypt, Greece, India, China….. Those heavy and earthy animals as gods were so interesting to me that I made a painting series on heavy wood and the subjects are hovering in white airy space.